Cockfighting Terminology: Tips to Conquer the Hard Go Arena 2024

Cockfighting terminology – Are you passionate about cockfighting and desire to conquer every arena and assert your class? Then don’t miss the treasure trove of specialized knowledge summarized in this article Hi88! We will guide you through the fascinating world, from basic concepts to winning tips Shared by experienced players!
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Learn commonly used cockfighting terms

Please join us in flipping through each page of the cockfighting terminology book in this section Cockfighting Hi88, equip yourself with solid foundational knowledge to confidently enter the arena and conquer all challenges!

Summary of cockfighting terms in raising chickens

Raising fighting cocks is not just about feeding and exercising, but also requires an understanding of in-depth cockfighting terminology in raising methods. Understanding these concepts will help you effectively “train” your cocks, thereby increasing your winning rate in fighting matches.

Steaming, steaming, and walking are cockfighting terms that refer to the preparation stage for cocks before starting to practice. This stage usually applies to litters from 7 to 10 months old.

  • Slight exercise: Give them gentle exercise by letting them walk or jog around the barn.
  • Steam: Use a brush to gently sweep over the skin to stimulate blood circulation, making it more flexible and supple.
  • Go for a swim: Go sunbathing to increase resistance and prevent disease.

The term “baitless” cockfighting refers to feeding chickens foods rich in protein such as beef, quail eggs, worms, crickets, eels, etc. Adequate nutritional supplementation helps the chickens develop their muscles. muscles, increase strength and stamina to be ready for fierce battles.

Decoding Cockfighting Terminology for Beginners

Understanding cockfighting terms in the match will help you easily grasp developments and make more accurate predictions:

  • Before entering a tough battle, cockfighters often use the “lure” technique. Instead of letting them free, they will hold the tail and let the two cocks face each other. This is to arouse the fighting instinct, enthusiasm and strengthen the chicken’s spirit before officially competing.
  • Different from fierce battles, “lottery” is an exchange and challenging competition between two fighting cocks without the use of iron spurs. The beak and spurs can be sealed to ensure the safety of both. The purpose of the draw is to evaluate the chicken’s fighting skills, ability to dodge attacks and endurance.

Online cockfighting with a treasure trove of specialized terms

The term online cockfighting is a language system used specifically in online cockfighting matches, helping players easily understand the rules, how to bet and track results. Understanding these terms will help you gain more confidence and make wise decisions in each betting match. Below are some common cockfighting terms that you should keep in mind:
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  • Meron: This term is used to refer to the bookmaker’s bets on cocks. If you believe in the house’s ability to win, bet on Meron. The payout ratio for the winning player in this case is 1:0.98.
  • Wala: This is a specialized term used to refer to the betting window for your cock. If you trust your cock, bet on Wala. Your odds of winning will be 1:1.

Cockfighting terminology in training sessions

Let’s explore the secret of “martial arts training” for fighting cocks through the following terms:

Pre-conditioning – Increase strength

The beginning of the “cultivation” journey is the “Pre-conditioning” phase. During this period, the cock masters will “braise the cocks in turmeric” to increase the strength and endurance of the cocks before entering the ring.

Conditioning – “Recreating” fighting cocks

“Conditioning” is the term for intensive training activities to restore health, increase endurance, flexibility and spirit for fighting. This is a necessary “therapy” for cocks after competition or injury.

Chicken poaching – Perfect preparation for competition day

After the “Condition” process, the cocks will enter the “Coping” stage. This is a time to rest to ensure the best health and spirit before going into battle. Nutrition plays an important role during this period, helping the chickens maximize their ability and strength.

Rolling beam – “Training” steel legs

“Rolling beams” is a method to help strengthen fighting legs and increase kicking power. Cockers will use foot baths mixed with diluted salt water or urine to help soak their feet, thereby increasing the strength and power of each kick.


Above are some basic cockfighting terms that you need to know. Hopefully these shares will help you gain more knowledge about this interesting traditional sport. Please continue to follow us to discover more interesting things!

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