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Unlock the Power of BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 Rental LED Displays

BAKO‘s Diamond Series V3.0 stands out with its effortless installation process and convenient front maintenance when it comes to rental LED displays. Their commitment to user-friendly technology ensures a quick and hassle-free setup, allowing you to save time and effort. With BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0, you can easily access all modules, HUB boards, cards, and power supplies from the front, eliminating the need for complicated disassembly or rear access. This front maintenance feature streamlines the entire process, making it more efficient and convenient for you.

XR Virtual Studio and Stunning Curved Installations

BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 rental LED displays offer an immersive visual experience with their XR Virtual Studio technology. Whether you’re creating virtual sets or enhancing live events, the XR Virtual Studio feature allows you to transport your audience to a whole new world. Additionally, the Diamond Series V3.0 provides the flexibility of curved installations, enabling you to create captivating displays that leave a lasting impression. With outward and inward curve options and adjustable angles ranging from 0° to 5° outward and 0° to 20° inward, you have the freedom to design unique and visually stunning installations.

Sleek Design and Enhanced Structural Integrity

BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 rental LED displays not only deliver exceptional performance but also boast an elegant and symmetrical design. With a conventional size of 500x500mm, these displays maintain a sleek and attractive appearance. The improved structural design of the Diamond Series V3.0 ensures simplicity and attractiveness, with smooth lines that add a touch of sophistication to any event or venue. Furthermore, the higher strength frame case of BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 guarantees screen flatness and resists distortion, ensuring a seamless and visually pleasing display.


In conclusion, BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 rental LED displays unlock a world of possibilities for your visual presentations. With their effortless installation process, convenient front maintenance, XR Virtual Studio technology, stunning curved installations, sleek design, and enhanced structural integrity, BAKO continues to be a reliable provider in the rental LED display industry. Experience the power and versatility of BAKO’s Diamond Series V3.0 and take your events and presentations to the next level.

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