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Driving Advancements in Respiratory Tract Infection Diagnostics: Sansure’s Expertise as an In Vitro Diagnostics Company

Sansure Biotech Inc., an esteemed in vitro diagnostics company, is at the forefront of driving advancements in respiratory tract infection diagnostics. With their expertise and state-of-the-art technologies, Sansure provides accurate and rapid identification of pathogens, enabling informed decision-making for healthcare professionals.

Unleashing Diagnostic Potential:

Sansure’s commitment to unleashing the full diagnostic potential of respiratory tract infections is evident in their extensive range of nucleic acid diagnostic kits. These kits utilize advanced technologies to detect a wide array of pathogens, including influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, and coronaviruses. By utilizing these kits, healthcare professionals can accurately identify the causative agents and tailor treatment plans accordingly.

Empowering Precision Medicine:

Precision medicine is revolutionizing healthcare, and Sansure is playing a pivotal role in this paradigm shift. By offering diagnostic kits that provide guidance for precision drug use, Sansure enables healthcare professionals to customize treatment strategies based on the specific pathogens causing respiratory tract infections. This approach improves patient outcomes, minimizes adverse effects, and optimizes healthcare resource utilization.

Global Impact on Respiratory Health:

Sansure’s global presence and widespread adoption of their diagnostic solutions are making a significant impact on respiratory health worldwide. Their certifications in over 65 countries, including NMPA, CE, and MHRA, highlight the trust and reliability associated with their products. Through their innovative technologies, Sansure is helping countries across the globe strengthen their respiratory disease prevention and control measures.


Sansure Biotech Inc., as an in vitro diagnostics company, is driving advancements in respiratory tract infection diagnostics. By unleashing the diagnostic potential of these infections, empowering precision medicine, and making a global impact on respiratory health, Sansure is revolutionizing the field. Healthcare professionals can rely on Sansure’s expertise and advanced technologies to enhance patient care and combat respiratory tract infections effectively.

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