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The Science of Beauty: Explaining the Technicalities Behind Hairpiece Production

Are you intrigued by the artistry behind flawless hairpieces? Have you ever wondered how these astonishing creations come to life, defying nature’s limitations and enhancing our beauty? Step into the fascinating world where science meets aesthetics as we unravel the technicalities behind hairpiece production.

Introduction to Hairpiece Production

A hairpiece, also known as a wiglet, is a small piece of hair attached to the head with clips, combs, or tape. They add fullness or length to the hair or cover up thinning hair or bald spots. Hairpieces are usually made from human hair but can also be made from synthetic fibers. The hair is sewn onto a lace or mesh base and then attached to the head.

The Process of Manufacturing a Hairpiece

Each hairpiece is handmade by skilled artisans. The process begins with the selection of high-quality hair, which is then sorted and graded according to length, color, and thickness. The hair is then cleansed and conditioned to prepare it for further processing.

The next step is called “ventilation,” in which the individual strands of hair are knotted onto an excellent mesh base. This base can be made from various materials, including lace, mono-filament, or skin. Once all the strands are in place, the hairpiece is shaped and trimmed to the desired style.

The final step is “customization.” It involves adding extra features the customer may want, such as highlights or lowlights. Once the hairpiece is complete, it is thoroughly inspected to ensure it meets our high-quality standards.


In conclusion, it is clear that the making of a hairpiece involves an elaborate process of craftsmanship and science. Understanding these technicalities helps us appreciate why hairpieces cost so much but, more importantly, allows us to make informed decisions when choosing one for ourselves or our loved ones.

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